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A simple example of INotifyPropertyChanged

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on May 09, 2011
Tags:   inotifypropertychanged , michael-crump
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Michael Crump has a quick demo that shows off the INotifyPropertyChanged feature.

Source: Michael's Blog

I had a blog reader ask me this question: I see the INotifyPropertyChanged in demos all of the time, most of the time it is in a huge MVVM project and I cannot wrap my head around why it is important and why should I use it. Can you create a simple demo that shows off the feature?

I looked around on the net but couldn’t find something simple. I decided to write a quick demo and hopefully it helps clear things up. If you want to go ahead and grab the source code then it is provided here. (Please note: I created this demo in SL5 Beta.)


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