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Join Telerik's Windows Phone 7 Wednesdays!

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on May 13, 2011
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Below you will find information on the Windows Phone 7 webinars that Telerik will deliver in four consecutive Wednesdays starting from May 18th!

Crash Course in Windows Azure with Windows Phone 7

Date & time: May 18, 11 am EDT (check your local time)

Presenter: Evan Hutnick

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In this webinar, Telerik Developer Evangelist Evan Hutnick will bring you on a quick tour through the Windows Azure platform and how you can start utilizing it when building your Windows Phone 7 applications. This will involve a high-level overview of the Azure platform and why Azure makes sense for the Windows Phone platform. Then we will do a quick walk through creating a sample SQL Azure database, a service we can call to the database with, and how to incorporate that data within your Windows Phone applications utilizing the Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7. All attendees have a chance to win one of three RadControls for Windows Phone 7 licenses!

Becoming an Rx Pusher on your Windows Phone  

Date & time: May 25, 11 am EDT (check your local time)

Presenter: Jim Wooley

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The Reactive Extensions are a set of libraries that shipped on the Windows Phone and allow you to compose asynchronous operations over observable collections. Learn how to use this amazing framework for turning pull-oriented apps into push-oriented apps. Find out why it is a mind-bending technology and how it improves your ability to make async calls on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Push Notifications and Tiles for Windows Phone

Date & time: June 1, 11 am EDT (check your local time)

Presenter: Joe McBride

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Windows Phone has provided a refreshing new interface in its use of Live Tiles. In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to use push notifications to update Tiles, provide Toast notifications, and raw data notifications. We’ll take a look under the covers on how this done today, and what’s coming in the Mango update for Windows Phone. All attendees have a chance to win one of three RadControls for Windows Phone 7 licenses!

Windows Phone 7 and Caliburn.Micro

Date & time: June 8, 11 am EDT (check your local time)

Presenter: Bill Moore

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In this webinar, Bill Moore will cover the basics of MVVM and why the Caliburn.Micro framework makes sense in your Windows Phone 7 development. Learn how to set up a Windows Phone 7 project to utilize the Caliburn.Micro framework as well as how you can utilize Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7 within that application, complete with a sample walk-through that puts everything we have learned in action.



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