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Christmas Offer: SilverlightShow Ebook Bundle

This offer is currently inactive! 

Xmas Bundle of 21 SilverlightShow Article-based Ebooks
A collection of all our recent and most popular article series

Price: $14.99    

Formats for each ebook: PDF, Word, EPUB, MOBI, + source code (where available)

Bundle offer valid thru January 10, 2012.



This bundle includes all 21 SilverlightShow ebooks based on SilverlightShow article. All our most popular, and most recent article series, in convenient PDF, Word, MOBI and EPUB formats. Code (if any) also included.

Enjoy more than 700 pages of great content created by Andrea Boschin, Brian Noyes, Gill Cleeren, Kevin Dockx, Kunal Chowdhury, Lazar Nikolov, Michael Crump, Peter Kuhn, Samidip Basu, Walter Ferrari, Zoltan Arvai.

The bundle includes the following ebook titles:

XNA for Silverlight Developers by Peter Kuhn | 132 pages
Working with Collections in WCF RIA Services by Kevin Dockx | 15 pages
WCF RIA Services by Brian Noyes | 79 pages
Producing and Consuming OData in a Silverlight and WP7 App by Michael Crump | 63 pages
Silverlight in the Azure Cloud by Gill Cleeren | 17 pages
Discover Sharepoint with Silverlight by Walter Ferrari | 15 pages
Introduction to Windows Phone 7 by Andrea Boschin | 45 pages
Silverlight WCF RIA Services: Strategies for handling your Domain Context by Kevin Dockx | 14 pages
Data Driven Applications with MVVM by Zoltan Arvai | 27 pages
Beginners Guide to Visual Studio LightSwitch by Kunal Chowdhury | 77 pages
The Duplex Story: Looking at Duplex Communication in Silverlight by Gill Cleeren | 20 pages
Caching of, in, and around your Silverlight application by Kevin Dockx | 19 pages
The Validation Story in Silverlight by Gill Cleeren | 16 pages
Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone by Walter Ferrari | 9 pages
Windows Phone 7 Data Access Strategies by Andrea Boschin | 29 pages
Developing real-world Applications with LightSwitch by Gill Cleeren | 104 pages
Authorization in Silverlight by Kevin Dockx | 23 pages
Silverlight and Sharepoint Working Together by Walter Ferrari | 40 pages
OData & Cloud Augmentation of Windows Phone Applications by Samidip Basu | 35 pages
Windows 8 XAML Metro Apps with OData by Samidip Basu | 24 pages
Facebook Graph API and Silverlight by Lazar Nikolov | 9 pages


Enjoy this great collection!