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Welcome aboard Thomas!

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0 comments   /   posted by Ilia Iordanov on Apr 09, 2009
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Hi Silverlighters,

We are proud to announce that Thomas Kirchmair has joined the team of authors writing for This means that you are going to see more often articles written by him. For those of you who are not familiar with Thomas' work, we have to mention that he won the second place in the Third edition of the Write and Win contest.

Thomas lives in Vienna (Austria), he is the owner of kir informatics and works as a freelance consultant, developer and trainer for Microsoft .NET technologies. Thomas holds several certifications like MCSD, MCTS, and MCT. He is known with his fascinating seminars and his free-spirited way of looking at and solving problems.

"Especially WPF and Silverlight are giving me now the possibilities I need for developing user interfaces the customer accepts in his first moment!"

Here is a list with all articles written by Thomas for SilverlightShow:

1. The invisible Silverlight Application – The local DropDownList-Cache – 2nd place Write and Win III
2. The Silverlight BlockText Control

His future articles are going to be on the following topics:

  • SL 3 Beta 1 LOB-RIA Sample – DVD Movie Database – Part 1
  • SL 3 Beta 1 LOB-RIA Sample – DVD Movie Database – Part 2
  • SL 3 Beta 1 LOB-RIA Sample – DVD Movie Database – Part 3
  • SL 3 Beta 1 LOB-RIA Sample – DVD Movie Database – Part 4
  • Improving serverside Database search by local caching

Thomas, thank you once again for doing this and good luck with the articles. We know you will write them perfectly!

Sincerely Yours
SilverlightShow Team



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