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Write Your Custom Effect Components in Silverlight 3

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jun 07, 2010
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In this article, posted by Xianzhong Zhu, you will learn the common routine to write a custom Effect component supported since Microsoft Expression Blend 3 and use it in Silverlight 3 applications.

Microsoft Expression Blend 3 has brought us two built-in Effect components, BlurEffect and DropdownEffect. Since descriptions of these two effects can be easily found in the Internet, we will not go into them. However, to achieve other more magic effects in your Silverlight game app, you will often fall back upon a third party to provide custom effects into the project, and then apply, in the same way as the method provided by Expression Blend 3, these effects to the objects in the artboard.

In fact, as developers, we can create our own custom effects in tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. This article will teach you how to, by creating a custom effect and apply it to a static image to show the typical programming process.



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