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Silverlight DataList / DataGrid Demo

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Dan Birch
Dan Birch
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4 comments   /   posted on Feb 18, 2008
Categories:   General


The DataList is a powerful and simple to use DataGrid-style control for Silverlight. Like the standard ASP.NET version it is easy to setup, can be bound to many different data sources and the output XAML can be templated to give it the look and feel to suit your Silverlight application.

A demo of the datagrid can be viewed at: www.vectorlight.net/silverlight_net_datalist_datagrid_demo.aspx



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    RE: Silverlight DataList / DataGrid Demo

    posted by smita on Jun 04, 2008 23:27


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    RE: Silverlight DataList / DataGrid Demo

    posted by Vips on Jun 29, 2008 20:55

    This is a just a Test.



  • -_-

    RE: Silverlight DataList / DataGrid Demo

    posted by Syed Murtaza Hussain Rizvi on Jun 29, 2008 22:42

    Nice work, I have a question here, Last night i was playing with the datagrid and i could find 2 most important feature, which should be there anyway,

    1. There is no rowdatabound event, the closest thing i found was RowLoading event, which fires only once, I was able to change the data using the PropertyChanged event, but I was not able to change the row style.

    2. I was unable to access the Cells property of the DataGridRow class, later i found it but marked as internal, why is that?

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    RE: Silverlight DataList / DataGrid Demo

    posted by gandhi on May 23, 2010 12:38
    the demo Site is not working please give me the URL again

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