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  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Paul Yanez  on  Nov 06, 2009 (7 months ago)
    This video posted by Paul Yanez will show you how to add a video player in Microsoft Expression Blend 3.Image

    Adding video to Silverlight projects ia as simple as placing a media element control from the assets panel on the stage and setting the media element’s source to a video file.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 30, 2009 (7 months ago)
    Blend 3 allows you to embed fonts, but unfortunately if you publish your work online you are technically distributing the font. Learn how to cope with this problem in the post of Gavin Wignall.

    However, there is a way around this, if you encrypt the font so that it is not usable then you are arguably not distributing it any more. This process is known as Obfuscation. It is important, however, to point out that you still need a license or permission to use a non-standard font in your work.

  • 10 Expression Blend 3 Tutorials for Silverlight

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 28, 2009 (8 months ago)

    Adam Kinney announces that the 10 tutorials from the Eyes of Blend series on Project Rosetta site are now available for download in both Word and PDF format.

    The .zip files also contain source code for the starter projects  and resource files if appropriate. One thing that’s been useful in developing these web tutorials is that I’ve been able to reuse them as demos for talks and now downloadable labs to run offline.  The next format I’m planning will be screencasts, most likely for the more visual demos.

  • Halloween Live Gallery

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 26, 2009 (8 months ago)
    With Halloween around the corner, Andrej Tozon decided that it’s time for some scary photos and published his Halloween Gallery made with the help of Expression Blend 3.Images

    In this post I’ll explain how I built my demo application I showed at my Windows 7 Launch talk.

    Expression Blend 3 shipped with a few interesting samples, available for immediate use. One of them is called Wall3D (Silverlight 3) and is a great example of one of the new Silverlight 3D features, called perspective transform.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 19, 2009 (8 months ago)
    In this post Vikram Pendse gives a simple and straight talk on Blend 3 Sketch Flow feature without any confusing technical terms and he also shares the right resources on net to refer.

    For Designers, there is always challenge to build interactive prototypes for customers so as to give feel of application to customer in reality, Typically before tools like Blend Sketch Flow, we use to either build POCs (Again we need to put Man efforts in this activity) or we use to build designs in Excel or word, Drawback of this was, it does not helps to exactly put forth our point in front of client since they might not be that interactive and realistic which can give feel of application which we plan to build.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 14, 2009 (8 months ago)
    In this new project Gavin Wignall uses the new 3D Projection tools in Expression Blend 3 to make a nice animation.Image

    First we need to set up our assets. I have imported two images (of Scarlett Wignall) and used the image brush to paint them onto two separate rectangles (read: tutorial for importing images). Then I have set up a new storyboard, set it to auto play and repeat forever (read: tutorial for creating storyboards).

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 09, 2009 (8 months ago)
    In this post Gavin Wignall explains about the blur and the shadow effects that are available in the Expression Blend 3 tool.

    Silverlight 3 introduced the ability to use Pixel Shaders with 2 native effects built in and available in the Expression Blend 3 tool. The two Pixel Shaders that Blend currently offers are ‘Drop Shadow‘ and ‘Blur‘. The Drop Shadow effect is even able to convert Photoshop Drop Shadow effects reasonably well through the new ‘Import Adobe Photoshop File‘ feature.

    Both the ‘Blur‘ and ‘DropShadow‘ effect will work on any item inside your project, including vector shapes, text and images (even with transparent areas).

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 08, 2009 (8 months ago)
    In this video tutorial Victor Gaudioso demonstrates how to use a series of Rectangles with gradients to make a blue glassy custom Button in Silverlight. 

    Once I show you how to create the custom Button in Blend I show you how to switch over to Visual Studio and create an event handler for it.

  • Webcast: Brushes, Gradients, Fills and Strokes in Expression Blend 3

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 08, 2009 (8 months ago)
    This Expression Blend 3 tutorial introduces you to brushes and how to change the appearance of the specific object.

    You will learn how to use different types of brushes, and the special emphasis is given to gradient tools. How to create and modify gradients, using the gradient eyedropper and other goodies!

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Oct 05, 2009 (8 months ago)
    Gavin Wignall explains about the three main options of importing artwork and graphics into Expression Blend 3.
    The 3 main options are through:
    • Expression Design
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator

    All 3 routes allow vector shapes, element names and Text to be brought through safely.

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